The official Jobs Guides got updated

2021.12.02 06:40 TwistedxBoi The official Jobs Guides got updated

The Job Guide got updated, we can make the wait shorter by going through these. You can see how your favourite Job changed (Assumedly with no more of that pesky "subject to change" we got in the media tour)
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2021.12.02 06:40 Single_Commercial_54 I'm practicing making lots of logos, this is my first, hope you like it

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2021.12.02 06:40 JamesYSmithson I'm not an addict, but my friend is and I just stumbled upon a huge conflict of interest. Would like any one's opinion on it.

My friend is in recovery. I barely knew her, she was a friend of the family. She is doing very well now. The reason for the post however is that she mentioned a name the other day of someone who used to be her "Friend". I also know she has passed a drug test in the last year that she shouldn't have.
It turns out her friend is a thrice convicted "intent to distribute" felon. That's all par for the course I now, she is not relapsing she is fine.
However- I just found out this guy who is a dealer is also engaged to a worker at our counties drug crisis center. I.e the place where people get their drug tests/relapse programs done.
Should I alert the county? One of my friends says its not big deal but that seems like such a huuuuuge conflict of interest.
What do?
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2021.12.02 06:40 theetheethee The Lancet published something interesting

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2021.12.02 06:40 guy_on_a_bench Is my pc going to get slower if i add more ram?

So i read on the internet that my pc is going to get slower if i add more ram. I now have a ryzen 7 3700 x with a gigabyte 550 auros elite v2 and 2x 8gb corsair vengeance pro rgb 3600mhz. I wanted to buy 2x 16gb vengeance pro rgb 3600mhz. But is my cpu getting slower because of that?
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2021.12.02 06:40 datskinny Adding a new character is often a desperate attempt to boost low ratings

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2021.12.02 06:40 DocThorrr Are there ways to get another Masterball?

Hey, Havent played pokemon for several generations. Just wondered if there are ways to get more than 1 Masterball. Used mine for my Shiny Palkia ^
I know that it wasnt possible to get more than one in the first generations, but maybe that changed
Thx in advance
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2021.12.02 06:40 Nymhh Zekrom adding first 10, BE ONLINE 4536 2269 1580 / 0015 2509 1178

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2021.12.02 06:40 Velma_was_hotter Remember how near launch any criticism/complaint/concern was just written off as being from "One of those people still playing a dying MMO."?

Now it is 100% true.
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2021.12.02 06:40 Yakel1 Islamophobia Isn’t Ingrained in British Culture – It’s Fed to Us From the Top | Novara Media

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2021.12.02 06:40 Inprobamur First Contact by Porforever

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2021.12.02 06:40 dvli Coomer discrimination. (Baalbuddy)

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2021.12.02 06:40 spamthroat Do completed weekly / daily tasks count retrospectively towards monthly tasks?

I have completed this weeks weekly tasks but the December monthly ones are not out yet.
Will these completed weekly (and daily) task count towards the December 1000 point Quest Completionist task when it comes out?
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2021.12.02 06:40 diver_climber OP's Wife had a threesome with her friend and husband three years ago and hid it from OP

I am not the original poster. This is a repost sub.
Repost, original post by u/throwRAwfefrnd
Link to Original Post:
Original post below:
6 years of marriage and 8 years of friendship down the drain because she couldnt be honest with me. So my wife has a best friend whom she has known since college, she told me they were like sisters. It was not unusual for my wife to spend nights once every month or so at her best friends house to let off steam, I never thought twice about it. Well, I was wrong.
So that friend and her husband are divorcing and 3 days ago her husband called me and said he wanted to meet. I just thought he wanted to blow off some steam because of the stress of his impending divorce. But instead, he lit a fire under my ass. He told me that 3 years ago when my wife was staying over at her friends house, they had a threesome. He said they were all drunk and hooked up and that it never happened again (I dont know if I believe that). I asked him why tell me now so he told me that his wife had cheated on him so he just wanted to warn me in case I was also being cheated on. I then told my wife that I had a conversation with ....... and she has one chance to tell me the truth or I walk out. She played dumb for 10 minutes before admitting the incident. But she also said it was a one time affair. Then why not tell me, and she kept hanging out with her afterwards, and even staying at her house (5 or 6 times) after the cheating incident. I dont now what to think so I am staying in the guest room right now. Any advice.
Update- So I talked to my wife and she seems very sorry and wants to do anything to save our marriage. I told her that I have only one condition, I get to have a threesome of my own, without her. And then we will do counselling and therapy. But she has been crying for hours after hearing my suggestion now. I think its only fair.
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2021.12.02 06:40 WeTokenPay Japan’s CBDC plans to ‘speed up’ in the light of other countries ‘moving ahead’ with theirs

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2021.12.02 06:40 PatuGang Profits Glitch recently launched and the chart is bullish - Trading bot use case. 30k Mcap 500 Coin supply. Devs are active and there is a 5 year liquidity lock.

Profits Glitch Stealth Launched Recently launched, the chart is absolutely bullish. The Profits Glitch team are very active and are currently developing a website and bot. Profits glitch only has a 500 coin supply and a low market cap at the moment just waiting to explode. Once the website is launched, a strong marketing campaign will start.
The dev has locked liquidity for 5 years to add a layer of security for the buyer. Holders get 3% reflection.
Profits Glitch is not another no-function token - Future plans include developing a PRG v1 trading bot which will be free for PRG holders and provide limited functions for public use (helps promote the coin).
Also PRG holders will receive BNB dividends which will be claimable from the dashboard. Dividends are generated via profit from the trading bot revenue providing loyal holders with additional funds.
The developer has confirmed that the website should be up and running Friday (3/12/2021), after this an aggressive marketing campaign will begin.
Get in now while the price and MCap is low, this is a real opportunity for investors.
13% TAX
500 total supply
4% to liquidity
3% reflections to holders
1% burn
5% to marketing wallet
Contract Address : 0x256d177cbbe3b549c97abb847e059a1b0bb1abc1
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2021.12.02 06:40 Party-Cat2586 Need gifts for xp 8705 0120 0891

Looking for new friends to send gifts for xp, will open everything tomorrow
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2021.12.02 06:40 jacky559 Toseina in lemonade is fukin nasty

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2021.12.02 06:40 travelan app approval takes more than two weeks?

I convinced two of my friends to join the app (yay!), but now they have been waiting for almost three weeks already after submitting their KYC information. Customer service doesn't reply (or sends automated FAQ answers). I feel responsible for my referrals, they complain to me about this (justly so).
Do others also experience weeks of delay before they can use the app? I was approved in a matter of minutes, certainly not hours, let alone weeks! Did collapse under their massive marketing campaign?
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2021.12.02 06:40 4dresultslive 4D Results Lotto

4D Results Lotto is one of the simplest lottery games out there with a guaranteed minimum payout. It is exclusively played by Luzon-based lotto players and has gone through quite a few changes since it first began.
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2021.12.02 06:40 Ghostinthemachinima i didn’t clog the toilet

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2021.12.02 06:40 JohnThicc1234 Which one should I buy?

Getting myself a knife. Which one would you go with? For gloves, I have the Hand Wraps | Giraffe equipped.
View Poll
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2021.12.02 06:40 gord1to Definitely get in this one early! You won't regret it | Diamond Hands Watch Collectors Club. Check comments.

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2021.12.02 06:40 E-phox Nevidím rozdíl

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2021.12.02 06:40 loluhidklol NS Enquiries

Would just like to ask a few qns abt NS.
So first, when should I go and do my IPPT? Like is there any deadline like a couple of weeks before they determine who to enlist earlier.
Another qns would be, I got a great passion in joining SPF. Are there any ways for me to become part of the SPF/ or get chosen to join SPF during my NS life? OR its simply based on luck? Cause some of my friends they say its just completely random.
Appreciate all the answer!! And don't mind can also drop me some knowledge of the "things to know abt NS" too.
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