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Deep Wheel Ruts

2021.12.02 07:00 golfrules_questions Deep Wheel Ruts

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2021.12.02 07:00 ghbestonline Woman goes nαkєd, breathes fire as blesser refuses to pay her after [video]

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2021.12.02 07:00 procryptoclass Bitcoin Capital AG launches two crypto ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

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2021.12.02 07:00 farklinkbot He among us who hasn't pulled their spouse's face off to find a horny reptilian alien, let him cast the first stone

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2021.12.02 07:00 jessanon69 Hey guys, wondering if anyone here has ADHD/ADD? Currently in the process of getting my diagnosis and am looking for more info on medication specifically.

I've have spent a lot of time researching add management tips and I've done a lot of the exercise type stuff to help with the symptoms. Feel free to DM if you use medication I'd love to hear about your experience with it and what variety you use ect :)
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2021.12.02 07:00 JustAStupidZero I hate illnesses

So two things are just beyond frustrating the heck out of me and I don't want to complain to my fiance for an umpteenth time. I hope this is the right place to post this.
One: I have multiple sclerosis and currently I have a flare up that has been going on for the past month. I can barely see out of my right eye and everything is blurry as sh*t with sometimes floaters. I can't focus on making my niblings their belated birthday presents or their Christmas presents without feeling sick to my stomach. I can't see my neurologist until January and I can't see my eye doctor until April. Supposedly one of the nurses at the neurologists office is trying to get me in to get an MRI, but I don't believe it. They're good people, but their service is kinda lacking in calling back and scheduling. I just don't want to risk losing sight in my eye because then I'd, in my opinion, be useless if I can't do anything art related and my fiance and I wouldn't be able to play video games as much because I don't know if that would be difficult or not. Who knows, with the current level of Healthcare I'm privy to right now I might know that answer sooner than later. And I would find another neurologist, but where I live I can't really find another one that takes my insurance and who knows if they're backed up too.
Warning, very brief mentions of vomiting Two: we celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. My mom(dad didn't go cause he's anti-social but he might be catching it now despite precautions on mine and my mom's end), me, four of my niblings, three step-niblings(an asshole one with their equally asshole partner and their two babies who they constantly neglect and get sick), and my two siblings and their partners(one unmarried sibling whose partner has two kids who were also there). The host sibling and their partner didn't tell anyone that most of their household was sick. I had to send a nibling to bed because she had a very, very high fever. We all got sick within 3 days of being there. Unlike the others, I was hit the hardest due to my shtty immune system(thanks multiple sclerosis). I had gone 7, almost 8 years without throwing up because I absolutely hate the pain of it and the feeling it gives me. The others are all better or right on the verge of getting better, but I'm getting worse. Muscle aches, vomiting, stuffy nose, cold sweats, failure to sleep, and the both ends fiasco. Thanks for getting me sick bro! Let's hope nothing else happens because I'm immuno-compromised and I thought I could trust you more.
Basically, I hate not being able to see and I hate being sick. This account was supposed to be strictly for art purposes, but I didn't feel like making a new one because I can't be bothered. Also, apologies for any spelling or Grammer mistakes, it's a bit hard to tell.
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2021.12.02 07:00 NewsElfForEnterprise American Airlines expands international, domestic service from Miami airport

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The Unique Game play will reward our holders with NFTs in the form of collectable items in the game. These NFTs have unique characteristics and value and will be tradeable on our NFT marketplace. It’s a combination of rewards and utility which will ensure steady price increase. We at Shiba Dragon made sure not to miss anything.
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Here is the list of some Dragon Powers:
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2021.12.02 07:00 Ok-Communication8830 Resume review for translator job can't land an interview

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2021.12.02 07:00 gabenizer-bot Mila Kunis

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2021.12.02 07:00 thumbsdrivesmecrazy Oobit (OBT) just listed on PancakeSwap

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2021.12.02 07:00 ordinaryphenomena 99 [R4F] LF Melanie Martinez fan girls (preferable from Israel) [friendship]

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2021.12.02 07:00 BelleAriel I don't want it unless there's a $3000 deductable /s

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2021.12.02 07:00 Flashy-Bake-9082 Dwarf Fruit Tree Question

Hi GardeningUK
I'm taking over care of a few dwarf and cordon fruit trees this winter and I've got a few tasks to consider...
We have a line of dwarf trees that are planted about 2 metres away from and parallel to a quite large hedge. They are in a sunny position but I am concerned that being so close to the hedge there will be competition with the hedge for water which may be affecting their growth. Is this a legitimate concern or am I overestimating how much water dwarf trees actually need? And if it is affecting growth, should I find somewhere else to plant them with less competition for water or would some form of irrigation work, like a pipe allowing us to soak the roots in case of a dry spell?
Would appreciate your advice on this question.
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2021.12.02 07:00 GreenNapster [Amazon] 156-count FaceTory Acne Hydrocolloid Patches $8.29 + Free shipping w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal Price: $8.29]

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2021.12.02 07:00 GreenTea894 when coupling songs are much better than main song.

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🌐 Website: https://www.treedomcoins.com
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2021.12.02 07:00 Lexie42 Starbucks for life

Hey all,
I’m a partner. My girlfriend and I share a Starbucks account. Can she still play the game or no?
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2021.12.02 07:00 PL_poster La COPA de las CASAS 🏆🏘️🏠 ASÍ LO JUGAMOS - Juego de Mesa de HARRY POTTER

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2021.12.02 07:00 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 62 votes

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2021.12.02 07:00 SixersGameThreadBot Philadelphia 76ers Off Day Discussion Thread - December 02, 2021

Eastern Conference Standings
Rank Team W L Pct GB Conf Home Away L10 Strk
1 Brooklyn Nets 15 6 0.714 - 13-4 7-4 8-2 8-2 W 1
2 Washington Wizards 14 8 0.636 1.5 9-6 8-2 6-6 5-5 W 1
3 Milwaukee Bucks 14 8 0.636 1.5 10-5 7-4 7-4 8-2 W 8
4 Chicago Bulls 14 8 0.636 1.5 8-5 7-4 7-4 6-4 W 1
5 Miami Heat 13 9 0.591 2.5 7-4 6-3 7-6 6-4 L 2
6 Cleveland Cavaliers 12 10 0.545 3.5 8-5 5-6 7-4 5-5 W 3
7 Atlanta Hawks 12 10 0.545 3.5 7-5 8-2 4-8 8-2 W 1
8 Boston Celtics 12 10 0.545 3.5 8-8 6-4 6-6 6-4 W 2
9 Charlotte Hornets 13 11 0.542 3.5 9-6 7-2 6-9 6-4 L 3
10 New York Knicks 11 10 0.524 4.0 8-9 5-6 6-4 4-6 L 1
11 Philadelphia 76ers 11 11 0.5 4.5 6-7 5-5 6-6 3-7 L 1
12 Toronto Raptors 9 13 0.409 6.5 7-8 2-8 7-5 3-7 L 3
13 Indiana Pacers 9 15 0.375 7.5 5-11 6-5 3-10 3-7 L 3
14 Orlando Magic 5 18 0.217 11.0 2-16 2-8 3-10 2-8 W 1
15 Detroit Pistons 4 17 0.19 11.0 3-11 2-8 2-9 2-8 L 7
League Scoreboard
Away Score Home Status
Chicago Bulls - New York Knicks 7:30 pm ET
Milwaukee Bucks - Toronto Raptors 7:30 pm ET
Oklahoma City Thunder - Memphis Grizzlies 8:00 pm ET
Detroit Pistons - Phoenix Suns 9:00 pm ET
San Antonio Spurs - Portland Trail Blazers 10:00 pm ET
Sub Rules | Discord | Subreddit Chatroom Posted: 12/02/2021 05:00:03 AM EST, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2021.12.02 07:00 svarb why are all my posts taken down from r/art the next day although I follow all the rules?

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2021.12.02 07:00 throwawaytmobiles Wth do i have

19M Abiut 3 days 5 10 135 lbs No smoke No deink No medicines
On Monday i(m19) started feeling a sore throat, so i reported it to my college campus covid surveillance. Within 10 minutes there was two guys in full ppe taking me to quarantine. They checked my vaccine status(all good, they asked if i had the booster too and i do), and they also asked if i had my flu shot, which is also yes. They asked me about any known exposures which i have none. Then they gave me a room key and explained that until it is sure i don’t have covid or flu I will be in that room, and can only leave with permission except in case of a fire. Ya know the usual quarantine. Then later a nurse came and gave me a rapid covid test and a rapid flu test, both negative, she also took my temp and it was normal and i wasn’t tired or anything. She said that I will spend the night there, and next day they will be testing me again. It came out negative for both again, temp normal, but because i had taken advil (for the pain) they had to keep me another day just in case it was also lowering a fever. Wednesday once again i test negative for both and they let me go with instructions to drink plenty of water, take ibuprofen, and discuss with my roomies if i should wear a mask in the room since it might be contagious. It still hasn’t gone away, i looked in the mirror and it looks normal ig, ofc idk what it’s supposed to look like but it looks like the same color as the inner cheek
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2021.12.02 07:00 joosth3 AI Generates Hypotheses Human Scientists Have Not Thought Of

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