I (M25) decided to move forward

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2021.12.02 11:51 Lexxthemex I (M25) decided to move forward

I was in love with my best friend since 3 years. He always gave me mixed signals, like super mixed signals, talking everyday, making surprises, sending pics, talking about a life together, and I always had the idea he was closeted (as I am) and never was brave enough to move on. But since one month ago, I said "I'm done".
It was hard, I'm having my space with him, and I have just met a girl who I can get along a lot. We are not too similar but we share some ideas, she's interested too. I'm going baby steps even I tend to be more impulssive.
I always wanted to have a boyfriend before having a girlfriend, but this might not happen and I'm okay with it. I'm excited
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2021.12.02 11:51 eFernal units switching targets/reroll comps every game/worst patch for me

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2021.12.02 11:51 whencut_jutoor PE Effect on Bonus, Promotion and Salaries

Hello everyone,
I am one of the fortunate ones to pass the PE Civil Structural exam. My further questions now are 1. How much of a salary hike should we demand?

  1. How much of a bonus do companies usually give (just for PE, I know its year end so there is a bonus coming in for most of us anyway)
  2. How does PE affect promotions (I know this is very subjective but would like a general idea)
  3. Any other thing that I should know/ask from the company?
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2021.12.02 11:51 jobykillsyou Is this normal that the bullet drops so much at this range using this scope 6x with red dot

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2021.12.02 11:51 Apatharas Has anyone here experienced an issue with Nakivo backups causing entire VMs on VMware to completely lock up to point of having to reboot a host?

Dell VMware and Nakivo are just pointing fingers at each other while we sit and suffer. Both are saying they've never seen this.
Hoping I win the lottery on the one other person having experienced this seeing the post.
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2021.12.02 11:51 nommu_moose Hardware for Server

I have recently made the decision to finally fully abandon netflix, prime, disney+ etc since so many services are now coming out and making it annoying to manage subscriptions. I have two machines which I am debating setting up as my plex server, though I'm not entirely sure which one to go with. I've begun being energy conscious and since I've previously never cared about power usage it's a new conundrum overall for me. My two rig options:
Lattepanda Alpha 864s, m3 8100Y processor. USB 3.0 connected to 2x RAID enclosures with 5 drive bays (4x12, 4x16GB)
Spare desktop with i5 8600. No drive bays so I'll have to 3D print them, but I can use a PCIE card and connect all drives by RAID.
I will be hosting Gitea, nextcloud and my own website alongside plex on the machine, though plex is the most demanding of the group so I thought I'd post here.
Will the lattepanda be enough to host those things given that I'll likely have up to 3 1080p streams running at once from my machine, with local streams going up to 4k? Given that I live in Germany so my energy bill is stupid, I'm hoping the lower power draw lattepanda will be enough. If I have to use the i5, at least I have room for expansion to other game servers too, I guess.
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2021.12.02 11:51 Alina_1981 Is the world a huge computer simulation just like in the famous Matrix movie? Is it true or not?

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2021.12.02 11:51 WarpedEdge With the new big update on the rise what changes are being made (Read description for questions)

So is this big update going to have more than just end game addings like Mysterious dungeons?
- Will there be fixes to Combat? So far it is still very clunky and the mechanical movement isn't fluid
- Will there be updates to AI? AI both tameable pets and enemies are extremely dumb; e.g Shooting an enemy with a bow and not recognizing the player or running to the player to just turn around and eff off (Seems like the discovery code isn't functioning properly or not really there at all)
- What else is supposed to be included?
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2021.12.02 11:51 Mag367 Starbucks whipped cream is the absolutely worst

And they put it on f***ing everything. I don't go there often but it always ruins my day when I forget to ask for no whipped cream and I see my drink come out with a huge dollop of that shit. They should ask you whether or not you want it on your drink.
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2021.12.02 11:51 Individual-Metal-721 Lens converter Hasselblad H6D 400C Multishot

Hi guys is there a way to mount Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Sports Lens for Leica L to a Hasselblad H6D 400C Multishot?
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2021.12.02 11:51 amancoreseg WhatsApp Spies: Communicates with the FBI every 15 minutes

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2021.12.02 11:51 InADumbwaiter mega steelix 3597 4103 8615

3597 4103 8615
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2021.12.02 11:51 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Dominus] [Black Dominus: Afterlife] [Poppet: Inverted]

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2021.12.02 11:51 Tejash6609 piga 🐷🐖

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2021.12.02 11:51 Foreign_Impress_8573 https://t.me/+_83rE8zr1qowZWE0

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2021.12.02 11:51 DonDickerson https://www.hastingstribune.com/ap/personal_finance/american-express-unveils-new-u-s-consumer-platinum-card-designs-by-world-renowned-artists-julie/article_8e0e9be4-fab0-50a8-8980-04d2299650d7.html

New designs for Amex Platinum. Any thoughts positive or negative on them. And if you had a choice what Platinum card design would you get.
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2021.12.02 11:51 Kaltano Conditional formatting by week of the month with a custom week start day

I've been working on a spreadsheet at work for a few years that pulls data from a database. I have to make a new copy every year to set up formatting to visually delineate different weeks. In the past I've looked for a way to do this automatically by week of the month but I've never found a way to specify what day to consider the beginning of the week.
I need the rules to color by week of the month starting on Monday, is this possible?
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2021.12.02 11:51 cfcchamps09 How to automate python Extract (ETL) script

I currently have a python script that pulls data from an API. I now need to store that data somewhere (either S3 or google drive or Mysql etc., haven't decided yet).
Once I decide on the destination and adapt the script to load the data, how do I automate the running of the script?
I don't want to use my local machine. I'm looking for both specifics and general knowledge and how to create an environment where your script is run.
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2021.12.02 11:51 ah20250 X-Men #26 SWIPE>>>>>>>

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2021.12.02 11:51 swagNextTuber China antenna turns Earth into giant radio station, with signals reaching Guam

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2021.12.02 11:51 shellzshawtee94 Has anyone worked for a company called Kodland?

Recently applied for this company and wanted to see if anyones got any feedback or experience dealing with this company.
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2021.12.02 11:51 NachosofKaese Siii

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2021.12.02 11:51 Nopedontcarez Jan. 6 Panel Recommends Contempt Charge Against Former Trump DOJ Official

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2021.12.02 11:51 lskesm A few questions about Vans Family Bento Box

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2021.12.02 11:51 ephemeralkazu is there an alternative to wahoo kickr snap thru axle adapter?

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