[World] - Rome waits to learn who’s its new mayor after runoff voting | Toronto Star

The Version table provides details related to the release that this issue/RFE will be addressed. Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed. Resolved: Release in which this issue/RFE has been resolved. Fixed: Release in which this issue/RFE has been fixed.The release containing this fix may be available for download as an Early Access Release or a General Availability Release. Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg News on everything pertaining to politics Post 1: Prologue-to-Chapter 1 Hi! This is my first TL, and I hope you all like it. I'm starting it today since today is the Colonel's birthday, and I'm planning on posting a chapter every Thursday or so starting next week. Questions and comments welcomed. Enjoy! Kentucky Fried Politics: A... frequencia de palavras no ingles - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. palavras que ocorrem com mais frequencia nos filmes americanos A NASA spacecraft named Lucy has rocketed into the sky with diamonds on a 12-year quest to explore a record-setting eight asteroids The company behind a digital token called Tether has agreed to ... The Christian right, or the religious right, are Christian political factions that are characterized by their strong support of socially conservative policies. Christian conservatives seek to influence politics and public policy with their interpretation of the teachings of Christianity. In the United States, the Christian right is an informal coalition formed around a core of largely white ... A rock star's treasured guitar was stolen 45 years ago. ... Teacher reads bedtime story to students on Facebook Live 1 day after undergoing brain surgery ... Effects of Henri after it hit New ... Libros PDF. 4,814 likes · 3 talking about this. Download free books in PDF format. Read online books for free new release and bestseller Learn everything an expat should know about managing finances in Germany, including bank accounts, paying taxes, getting insurance and investing.

2021.10.18 16:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Rome waits to learn who’s its new mayor after runoff voting | Toronto Star

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I’m having a ton of issues with FaceTime (both audio and camera) on WiFi using my iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 14.8. I have gigabit internet with spectrum and the SAX1V1R (WiFi 6 router) and the ET2251 (latest modem, I think) and I’ve had very few other issues. I’m assuming it’s a port forwarding issue or something because I don’t have this issue with Skype. Has anyone else encountered this?
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2021.10.18 16:16 Joinedformyhubs [Scheduled] Eye of the World - Chapters 39 - 42

Hey, Booknerds! We meet the Queen! She is so lovely. I know, in my being, that we will encounter Elayne again. There has to be something special about Rand and Elayne. Especially the way her brother mentions Two Rivers to the both of them. I wonder if her nobility will help Rand in the long run? Hmm.. We only have a couple of check ins left before the end of The Eye of the World, so I am enjoying these great discussions on this sub while I can get them! I will be heading over to the WoT sub to continue the series. Will I see you in the comment section? Hope so! If not, maybe these continuing chapters will change your mind :)
Thank you to, u/nopantstime, for her last and final check in for this read! You are spectacular. Next, u/fixtheblue will take the lead in a week from today.
To check out our schedule go here.
If you read ahead and want to document your findings, please take advantage of the marginalia (spoilers dwell there). click here
In Summary,
Chapter 39 - Weaving of the Web Rand is still in Caemlyn and wants to see the Queen and Logain (the False Dragon). Mat doesn’t join him, he has become even more unusual, and feels suspicious of most people but Rand. While Rand is on his way out, from The Queen’s Blessing, he runs into Basel Gill. He informs Rand that someone has been inquiring about him and the group he has been with. Basel describes the person as a ‘beggar.’ Before Rand leaves the inn, Basel gives him another piece of information: to leave through the alley since the front of the inn is crowded with people who blame the Queen and the Aes Sedai for all of their problems within Caemlyn.
Once Rand leaves and hits the streets, he notices how crowded and tense the citizens are. The city is divided by those who support the Queen wearing Red arm bands and those who oppose her wearing white arm bands. Rand is wearing his red armband in support of the Queen. As he is moving through the city, he is attempting to get the best viewpoint to see Logain, The Queen, and the Aes Sedai. Once he reaches the inner city, Rand is spotted by the Beggar in the crowd. The Beggar begins chasing after Rand, but Rand runs off quickly, unsure of where he is going.
Rand loses the Beggar and is still on his hunt to find a spot to watch the False Dragon, since he knows he may not get another chance. He notices the sound of the drums and trumpets announcing the ‘parade’ of Logain and the Queen, so he heads towards the sound. Rand begins to climb a wall to find a viewpoint. Upon the top of the wall he sees Logain, a tall man with long, dark hair. His wardrobe seemed ‘normal.’ He is guarded by four Aes Sedai while he is in some type of cage. Logain has some type of influence because once he looks at people they fall silent. Amongst the parade others followed behind the False Dragon: Golden Bees of Illian, three White Crescents of Tear, Rising Sun of Cairhien, and more celebrating their capture of Logain.
Rand asks to himself, Why were the Aes Sedai watching him? When a response of They’re keeping him from touching the True Source, silly. from a girl’s voice. Rand began falling over backwards and blacked out to the vision of Logain laughing and chasing him into spinning darkness.
Chapter 40 - The Web Tightens
Rand is in some sort of dream that involves Logain, Moiraine, and Ba’alzamon. He awakes from his fall and a young girl is with him. As he notices that she is younger than him, she is dressed quite eloquently. Then a boy, who seems related to her and dressed in the same manner, joins the girl and Rand. The reader finds out the girl’s name is Elayne and the boy’s is Gawyn. Elayne realizes that Rand is hurt and begins tending to his wounds with materials that she keeps in her cloak. Rand notices that she has great skill and carries materials that are similar to a Wisdom. He soon learns that Elaine and Gawyn’s mother is the Queen of Andor. Rand gives his name and hometown to the siblings. Elayne and Gawyn know that Rand is from the West and what the principal products of Twin Rivers is, explaining that it is their duty to know information for every part of the realm (principal products, crafts, customs, and strengths and weaknesses of the people in the areas). Galaderdrid Damodred (Galad), Elayne and Gawyn’s half brother approaches the three of them. Elayne mentions that Rand is supportive of the Queen and is a guest of hers. Galad leaves and Gawyn says he is probably going to fetch the Palace guards because that is the type of person he is, someone who always does the right thing. The three are heading to show Rand out of the palace through the garden. Rand then hears the guards heading towards them first, then he sees them in their red uniforms coming from all directions. Elayne and Gawyn stand between Rand and the guards. Elayne addresses the guard leading this action to take down Rand, Tallanvor, saying that the Chief will not stand for it. Tallanvor replies that Galad sent him because a peasant was endangering her and Gawyn. Tallanvor wants to take Rand into custody but Elayne tells him that Rand is her guest. The guard adds that Rand will just be imprisoned for only a few days until he is questioned by the Captain Garett Byrne and once he declares Rand meant no harm he will be free to go on his way. Elayne announces she wants the three of them to speak with her mother, the Queen.
The three are commanded to attend to the Queen. While heading to Queen Morgase Rand notices the garden at the palace. The grass is green, the trees and bushes are thriving with leaves and fruit. There are vines covering each arbor with flowers everywhere in vibrant colors. Rand is whispering, “Green..it’s green…” Gawyn tells Rand that is Elaida’s work, the Queen’s Aes Sedai.
Once they arrive to the hall to see the Queen, Elaida and Lord Garett are there as well. Queen Morgase lectures Elayne and Gawyn since they disobeyed her orders. Elayne requests to defend herself and adds that Rand is a loyal Andorman. Since Two Rivers doesn’t consider themselves apart of her realm, she is skeptical that Rand is loyal.
Elaida looks Rand over once she learns that he is from Two Rivers. She notices his Red hair and grey eyes, commenting that those from Two Rivers have dark hair and dark eyes and much shorter than Rand. The fact that Rand is a shepherd doesn’t connect with why he has a heron sword.
After Rand swears that he means no harm to the Queen and her family, she releases him from the palace. Before he leaves her hall, she suggests that he is more careful in the future. Elayne slyly called Rand handsome. Rand asks Gawyn why people didn’t believe he was from Two Rivers, his response is that he reminds people of an Aielman.
Elaida gives a prophecy in this chapter: “The Dark one stirs in Shayol Ghul. The shadow lies across the Pattern, and the future is balanced on the point of a pin. This one is dangerous. This I foretell and swear under the Light that I can say no clearer. From this day Andor marches toward pain and division. The shadow has yet to darken to the blackest and I cannot see if the Light will come after. This I foretell…This, too, I foretell pain and division come to the whole world, and this man stands at the heart of it. I obey the Queen and speak it clearly.”
Chapter 41- Old Friends and New Threats
After leaving the palace, Rand return to the Queen’s Blessing. He is looking for Master Gill, the Inn keeper to tell him he met the Queen. While Master Gill has his reservations that Rand is being honest, Loial’s insistence of Rand being a ta’veren, Gill then takes him seriously. Rand and Mat are warned to leave the city within the next two days. Loial wants Rand and Mat to travel with him. Rand accepts to go with Loial.
A maid appears while they are having their conversation. She comes with a message of the Whitecloaks wanting to search the inn for darkfriends. Before Master Gill goes to deal with the problem, he warns Loial and Rand to stay out of sigh while he deals with the Whitecloaks. The innkeeper informs the group to leave, but they are insistent that they should do a search in his building. Master Gill’s men support his wishes of the Whitecloaks leaving, which they eventually do once they realize they won’t be able to do their search.
Directly after the Whitecloaks leave, the maid reappears to Master Gill telling him that there is a lady in the kitchen who wishes to see Rand and Mat. Rand suddenly realizes who it could be and runs to the kitchen. Rand introduces the group (Moiraine, Lan, Egwene, Perrin, and Naynaeve) to Master Gill. The entire group is sent upstairs to Rand and Mat’s room, so Moiraine can speak with the innkeeper.
Once the group goes to the room, Mat is instantly suspicious of them all. Suspiciously asking if they have changed. Nynaeve, being the wisdom that she is, believes that Mat is ill and wants to tend to him. Before Nynaeve can assist in Mat’s ‘illness,’ Moiraine shows up to the room and knows instantly what is going on with him. She informs everyone needs to stay away from Mat. Once Moiraine approaches Mat to assist him, he tries to stab her with the (infamous) dagger that he took in Shadar Logoth. Lan stops him before Mat can be successful. Moiraine informs the party that the dagger is evil and will kill Mat and infect the world if Mat isn’t treated quickly. Darkfriends and Shadowspawn can sense the evil in Mat many miles away.
Rand immediately tells Moiraine that he and Mat were chased and had encounters with Darkfriends many times while traveling to Caemlyn. Rand then mentions that he has a strong belief that there are Trollocs and Fades in and around Caemlyn. Lan confirms Rand’s suspicions and adds that they were waiting to go into the city to look for the boys. The group needs to leave quickly, but Moiraine needs to help Mat.
Chapter 42 - Remembrance of Dreams
Rand introduces Loial to Perrin, Egwene, and Nynaeve. They ask Loial about Ogier and chat until a healthier Mat, Moiraine, and Lan come downstairs. Moiraine explains that she couldn’t successfully cut the ties to the dagger, but has healed him up. Once they are in Tar Valon, the dagger’s hold will be able to be removed. The work she has done will keep the attraction of the dagger from Darkfriends and Shadowspawn.
Rand informs Moiraine that Loial will be joining the group.She tells the group that they cannot remain in Caemlyn much longer.
Rand’s meeting of Elaida is brought to the attention of Moiraine.
Loial begins a discussion with Moiraine. He tells of a man who came to the stedding at the end of the Ariel War around 20 years ago. The man was injured and was speaking of the Dark One trying to blind the Eye of the World, killing the Great Serpent (time itself). Perrin recalls a similar story he heard when he was with the Tinkers, an Aielman Maiden saying the same exact thing. Moiraine expresses great concern over this information. Based on Moiraine’s reaction to the stories they have heard about, Perrin begins telling Moiraine about his dreams of Ba’alzamon. Rand and Mat confess to having the dreams as well. Moiraine is displeased that they didn’t bring it up sooner since she believes that she could have helped them. The boys can keep Ba’alzamon from hurting them by denying him as they have been. Perrin tells Moiraine that he has found his protection already and she responds that she is aware.
Loial confirms that the three boys are Ta’veren, which Moiraine agrees to. She wants to get out of the city and head to the Blight to warn the Green Man. Remember that there are Trollocs outside the city awaiting them, Moiraine wants to use the Waygate. Loial says that he is unfamiliar of the Waygate to the location she wants to go and doesn’t want to do it. He says that if they enter the Ways, they will all be swollowed up by the Shadow.
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2021.10.18 16:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Italy’s president criticizes violent COVID-19 pass protests | Toronto Star

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hey everyone, I've been here a few months since I started at my Job in Cologne. I'd like to do some team sport , in order to do get my ass off the couch but also to socialize a bit.
Anyone can recommend cool and relaxed Sportsclubs or just people who play i.e. Volleyball together? I live in Bilderstöcken, between Ehrenfeld and Nippes.
happ about all kind of tips! thanks 🤗
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2021.10.18 16:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Bomb hits police bus in SW Pakistan, killing 1, wounding 15 | Toronto Star

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Does anyone know why an auction/market system hasn't been implemented into 2k mobile? It's a pretty huge part of the game and i dont see why they don't add it.
(My current team btw) was wondering if I should replace Mikal Bridges with a 4 or 5* larry bird.
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I’m looking for people to join my simplified survival realm message me if interested
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