Why is the number of comment upvotes on here sometimes a tilde [~]

2021.09.28 02:49 leg-facemccullen Why is the number of comment upvotes on here sometimes a tilde [~]

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2021.09.28 02:49 nekrodomus OPPO K9 Pro, estas son sus características y su precio

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2021.09.28 02:49 hutdogbuns Best Cake/Cheesecake in Canggu?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a bakery/restaurant that sells the best cake or cheesecake around Canggu (or the area around it). I'm not talking about just a good cake, it has to be the best you can think of. So think: moist, rich, soft, good amount of sweetness, presentation, etc.
I'd like to apologize if this is coming off as snobbish, but it's a surprise for someone and they have pretty high standards for desserts. Thanks everyone! Your help is greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.28 02:49 SniperDragon06 (Calculus 1) What am I supposed to do next? This problem is related to Epsilon Delta.

This is what I have done so far.
Click here for the Image
What do I do here to solve the proof of this question?
I am still new to Epsilon Delta, any pointers and next steps would be helpful.
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2021.09.28 02:49 the_Gook_Master Aerospace Engineer but can't get an engineering job

I've been searching for jobs in industry prior to and after I graduated back in November 2020. So far, I've only gotten a few interviews for systems engineering and industrial engineering positions. As far as I'm aware, the interviews usually go well with interviewers being excited to talk about my resume and skills. Despite this, I tend to either get ghosted or the position I interviewed for gets administratively removed.
The most recent interview I've included a tour of the facility and meeting the heads of the department after initially interviewing with the manager two weeks prior. After the tour concluded, I was told I would probably hear back within a week. I waited for a week and a half, but then I got an email saying that the position was administratively removed.
I'm not really sure what to do about my situation other than just keep applying. I'm wondering if anyone here has any advice to give; I would greatly appreciate it.
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2021.09.28 02:49 crockett5 Who decided that mindless grinds were fun?

I'm trying to sort out why every game these days has a mindless grind to build up stuff or timers that get longer and longer until something is finished. Does anyone remember when game developers just built game that you played for fun and not to be a second job?
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2021.09.28 02:49 jdwax1982 39/M seeking someone to chat with and become friends

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am looking for some to talk to, vent, and just really pass some time. I would really like it if we became friends but just having someone to talk to would be nice. Let me introduce a little about me first and see if I’m someone you’d like to chat with and get to know. I am 39 years old, college educated, military veteran, married, have kids, and have a full time steady professional job. My interest and hobbies include: traveling, cooking, hiking, camping, fishing, video games, anime, manga, reading, and really anything outdoors. There has been a lot of changes in my life the past few years with a few ups and mostly downs. I am in need of someone to help me though everything and I am more than willing to be a sympathetic ear or shoulder to cry on. If I soul do like someone you’d like to get to know, please reach out to me. Thanks
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2021.09.28 02:49 Open_Spite670 How to deal with pharma and psychiatry loving family

So I'm supposed to be going on a weekend trip with my family but there's a problem. They believe that I'm still taking antidepressants, which I don't, so they will expect me to join them in their breakfast pill-popping routine. If I don't, a very hostile situation is likely to follow, which will definitely ruin the getaway. I've just avoided telling them because I'm 99 percent sure they will make a big problem out of it and it will ruin the relationship. Not that I care too much about them, I just can't be bothered with the drama right now, and I know they can get pretty underhanded and maybe they will try to sabotage my life in some other way. The whole family dynamic has always been quite toxic. So I think I have 3 options.
A. Go on the trip. Cheek the pills, or maybe buy some vitamins and keep the shirade going. B. Blow off the trip with some bullshit, but plausible excuse, keep shirade going. C. Tell them up front, blow off the trip and probably ruin the relationship if they decide to make a problem out of it. Risk repercussions.
What would you do? Maybe there is an option D I'm not seeing 🤔.
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2021.09.28 02:49 Rootwullen Neighbor

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2021.09.28 02:49 SlutLuvr63 if you had your own bilmp what would you want it to say on the side of it ?

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2021.09.28 02:49 Adept_Ad3171 Som de Água Corrente para Dormir Relaxar Estudar Barulho de Água de Rio

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2021.09.28 02:49 direwolf1243 How about this crossover for a danmemo event

Record of ragnarokXdanmachi
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2021.09.28 02:49 SorrySupermarket5405 Ribbit! Ribbit! This tree frog is calling for you. COLLECT NOW! (Details in comments)

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2021.09.28 02:49 Not_That_Great Attic Ventilation

Hey guys, I know similar posts have been made about this subject, but I was curious if my specific location makes a difference.
I'm on the central coast of California and have extremely mild weather throughout the year.
The house was built in 1978. A couple years ago we had the roof replaced. The roofers replaced the existing dormer vents and added two, if I recall. Each gable end has a fixed-open vent.
Is this sufficient for attic ventilation? My concern is that there are no low elevation intake vents, such as soffit vents, and the dormer and gable vents are all around the same elevation. It seems like the low edges of the attic space wouldn't be able to circulate/cool down. It quickly gets rather hot in the attic during the summer, but we don't really have to worry about running an air conditioner. I mainly want the roof to last as long as possible.
Pic of original roof with vents
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2021.09.28 02:49 _I_am_irrelevant_ Johnson & Johnson: 'Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;' There are "Unknown Repercussions"

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2021.09.28 02:49 Djqwave23 Yo Gotti Reportedly Becomes Co-Owner Of MLS Team D.C. United

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2021.09.28 02:49 mrcapalotnick Unpopular opinion: Cycles has the best music out of any RobTop level

I just love the music especially the piano in the beginning. it's really a different vibe from the other songs.
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2021.09.28 02:49 Next_Initiative ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE

Hi 👋
Are you looking to focus on your careework?
Too much on your plate?
Let us help you with your academic workload and ease the pressure at work and in your personal relationships.
$15 at-least per page (to be negotiated depending on complexity)

-Round the clock services.
Madamteacher#1489 (Discord)
+1 (228) 367 5048 (What's app, call or text)
morainechiri@gmail.com (email)
Kind Regards, Moraine.
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2021.09.28 02:49 littlewildflowerxo A technology to pitch / how would I improve?

My bf is being asked in an interview tomorrow to pitch an example of a technology he uses, suggest an improvement to the technology, and how he would go about PMing that improvement. Would love hear your ideas! He’s feeling a bit stuck. Thank you!
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2021.09.28 02:49 jmradus Stock preparation, what do y’all do?

I love woodworking and hate stock prep, to the point that I look for excuses not to get in the shop if I’ve got lots of prep to do.
What do people in this sub do to make stock prep not take up all their time?
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2021.09.28 02:49 AlteredStateMachine 2nd Live AMA now on Youtube! Get ready for the next one on Saturday... We think you'll have a few more questions by then

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2021.09.28 02:49 omegared980 Why do you guys hate my messages?

I know my messages aren’t always the greatest/funniest, but, man, you guys are the stingiest in all of Soulsborne when it comes to ratings. It’s especially sad when I see the random “Hi!” or “Happy Birthday!” with over 5000 ratings.
Feels bad man. (Oh, I should add that I am talking PS5 remake, for clarity)
For all of you out there doing the Lord’s work with ratings… keep it up. And keep those funny messages coming too.
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2021.09.28 02:49 americand0lphinn Struggle Session w/ The Doughboys

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2021.09.28 02:49 Middleweast Any info on scholarships?

How easy is it to get scholarships in Pharm school? Anyone here get one and what were your stats? Im applying for the upcoming cycle with a 4.0 science gpa (one A- but I was told that its a 4.0) and pharmacy tech experience (4 months now). It seems like the schools im applying to have a good scholarship budget but I want to know if I can hope for anything, maybe even a full ride if that exists?
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2021.09.28 02:49 Manevitch Cable modem accessible through router only via Wi-Fi?

Hi all!
I have a Netgear cable modem (CM1100) providing internet access to my home. The router config page is at
I just swapped out an old Netgear router to a D-Link DIR-X4560 for the house, and for a variety of reasons the IP block for everything else - including the router - are
I can easily access the cable modem's config page via Wi-Fi, but not through any wired devices. So the two questions I guess I have are:

  1. Why would that happen?
  2. How do I fix it?
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